/Godot 3.1


Inherits: InputEventWithModifiers < InputEvent < Resource < Reference < Object

Inherited By: InputEventMouseButton, InputEventMouseMotion

Category: Core

Brief Description

Base input event type for mouse events.


int button_mask
Vector2 global_position
Vector2 position


Stores general mouse events information.


Property Descriptions

int button_mask

Setter set_button_mask(value)
Getter get_button_mask()

Mouse button mask identifier, one of or a bitwise combination of the BUTTON_MASK_* constants in @GlobalScope.

Vector2 global_position

Setter set_global_position(value)
Getter get_global_position()

Mouse position relative to the current Viewport when used in Control._gui_input, otherwise is at 0,0.

Vector2 position

Setter set_position(value)
Getter get_position()

Mouse local position relative to the Viewport. If used in Control._gui_input the position is relative to the current Control which is under the mouse.

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