/Godot 3.1


Inherits: InputEventMouse < InputEventWithModifiers < InputEvent < Resource < Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Input event type for mouse button events.


int button_index
bool doubleclick
float factor
bool pressed


Contains mouse click information. See Node._input.


Property Descriptions

int button_index

Setter set_button_index(value)
Getter get_button_index()

Mouse button identifier, one of the BUTTON_* or BUTTON_WHEEL_* constants in @GlobalScope.

bool doubleclick

Setter set_doubleclick(value)
Getter is_doubleclick()

If true, the mouse button’s state is a double-click.

float factor

Setter set_factor(value)
Getter get_factor()

Magnitude. Amount (or delta) of the event. Used for scroll events, indicates scroll amount (vertically or horizontally). Only supported on some platforms, sensitivity varies by platform. May be 0 if not supported.

bool pressed

Setter set_pressed(value)
Getter is_pressed()

If true, the mouse button’s state is pressed. If false, the mouse button’s state is released.

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