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Inherits: Texture < Resource < Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

OpenSimplexNoise filled texture.


bool as_normalmap
float bump_strength
int height
OpenSimplexNoise noise
bool seamless
int width


Uses an OpenSimplexNoise to fill the texture data. You can specify the texture size but keep in mind that larger textures will take longer to generate and seamless noise only works with square sized textures.

NoiseTexture can also generate normalmap textures.

Property Descriptions

bool as_normalmap

Setter set_as_normalmap(value)
Getter is_normalmap()

If true, the resulting texture contains a normal map created from the original noise interpreted as a bump map.

float bump_strength

Setter set_bump_strength(value)
Getter get_bump_strength()

int height

Setter set_height(value)
Getter get_height()

Height of the generated texture.

OpenSimplexNoise noise

Setter set_noise(value)
Getter get_noise()

The OpenSimplexNoise instance used to generate the noise.

bool seamless

Setter set_seamless(value)
Getter get_seamless()

Whether the texture can be tiled without visible seams or not. Seamless textures take longer to generate.

int width

Setter set_width(value)
Getter get_width()

Width of the generated texture.

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