/Godot 3.1


Inherits: VisibilityNotifier < Spatial < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Enable certain nodes only when visible.


bool freeze_bodies
bool pause_animations


enum Enabler:

  • ENABLER_PAUSE_ANIMATIONS = 0 — This enabler will pause AnimationPlayer nodes.
  • ENABLER_FREEZE_BODIES = 1 — This enabler will freeze RigidBody nodes.
  • ENABLER_MAX = 2 — Represents the size of the Enabler enum.


The VisibilityEnabler will disable RigidBody and AnimationPlayer nodes when they are not visible. It will only affect other nodes within the same scene as the VisibilityEnabler itself.

Property Descriptions

bool freeze_bodies

Setter set_enabler(value)
Getter is_enabler_enabled()

If true, RigidBody nodes will be paused.

bool pause_animations

Setter set_enabler(value)
Getter is_enabler_enabled()

If true, AnimationPlayer nodes will be paused.

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