/Godot 3.2


Inherits: AudioEffect < Resource < Reference < Object

Adds a delay audio effect to an audio bus. Plays input signal back after a period of time.

Two tap delay and feedback options.


Plays input signal back after a period of time. The delayed signal may be played back multiple times to create the sound of a repeating, decaying echo. Delay effects range from a subtle echo effect to a pronounced blending of previous sounds with new sounds.


float dry 1.0
bool feedback/active false
float feedback/delay_ms 340.0
float feedback/level_db -6.0
float feedback/lowpass 16000.0
bool tap1/active true
float tap1/delay_ms 250.0
float tap1/level_db -6.0
float tap1/pan 0.2
bool tap2/active true
float tap2/delay_ms 500.0
float tap2/level_db -12.0
float tap2/pan -0.4

Property Descriptions

float dry

Default 1.0
Setter set_dry(value)
Getter get_dry()

Output percent of original sound. At 0, only delayed sounds are output. Value can range from 0 to 1.

bool feedback/active

Default false
Setter set_feedback_active(value)
Getter is_feedback_active()

If true, feedback is enabled.

float feedback/delay_ms

Default 340.0
Setter set_feedback_delay_ms(value)
Getter get_feedback_delay_ms()

Feedback delay time in milliseconds.

float feedback/level_db

Default -6.0
Setter set_feedback_level_db(value)
Getter get_feedback_level_db()

Sound level for tap1.

float feedback/lowpass

Default 16000.0
Setter set_feedback_lowpass(value)
Getter get_feedback_lowpass()

Low-pass filter for feedback, in Hz. Frequencies below this value are filtered out of the source signal.

bool tap1/active

Default true
Setter set_tap1_active(value)
Getter is_tap1_active()

If true, tap1 will be enabled.

float tap1/delay_ms

Default 250.0
Setter set_tap1_delay_ms(value)
Getter get_tap1_delay_ms()

tap1 delay time in milliseconds.

float tap1/level_db

Default -6.0
Setter set_tap1_level_db(value)
Getter get_tap1_level_db()

Sound level for tap1.

float tap1/pan

Default 0.2
Setter set_tap1_pan(value)
Getter get_tap1_pan()

Pan position for tap1. Value can range from -1 (fully left) to 1 (fully right).

bool tap2/active

Default true
Setter set_tap2_active(value)
Getter is_tap2_active()

If true, tap2 will be enabled.

float tap2/delay_ms

Default 500.0
Setter set_tap2_delay_ms(value)
Getter get_tap2_delay_ms()

Tap2 delay time in milliseconds.

float tap2/level_db

Default -12.0
Setter set_tap2_level_db(value)
Getter get_tap2_level_db()

Sound level for tap2.

float tap2/pan

Default -0.4
Setter set_tap2_pan(value)
Getter get_tap2_pan()

Pan position for tap2. Value can range from -1 (fully left) to 1 (fully right).

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