/Godot 3.2


Inherits: AudioEffect < Resource < Reference < Object

Adds a soft-clip limiter audio effect to an Audio bus.


A limiter is similar to a compressor, but it's less flexible and designed to disallow sound going over a given dB threshold. Adding one in the Master bus is always recommended to reduce the effects of clipping.

Soft clipping starts to reduce the peaks a little below the threshold level and progressively increases its effect as the input level increases such that the threshold is never exceeded.


float ceiling_db -0.1
float soft_clip_db 2.0
float soft_clip_ratio 10.0
float threshold_db 0.0

Property Descriptions

float ceiling_db

Default -0.1
Setter set_ceiling_db(value)
Getter get_ceiling_db()

The waveform's maximum allowed value, in decibels. Value can range from -20 to -0.1.

float soft_clip_db

Default 2.0
Setter set_soft_clip_db(value)
Getter get_soft_clip_db()

Applies a gain to the limited waves, in decibels. Value can range from 0 to 6.

float soft_clip_ratio

Default 10.0
Setter set_soft_clip_ratio(value)
Getter get_soft_clip_ratio()

float threshold_db

Default 0.0
Setter set_threshold_db(value)
Getter get_threshold_db()

Threshold from which the limiter begins to be active, in decibels. Value can range from -30 to 0.

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