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Inherits: Object

Server keeping track of different cameras accessible in Godot.


The CameraServer keeps track of different cameras accessible in Godot. These are external cameras such as webcams or the cameras on your phone.

It is notably used to provide AR modules with a video feed from the camera.


void add_feed ( CameraFeed feed )
Array feeds ( )
CameraFeed get_feed ( int index )
int get_feed_count ( )
void remove_feed ( CameraFeed feed )


camera_feed_added ( int id )

Emitted when a CameraFeed is added (e.g. webcam is plugged in).

camera_feed_removed ( int id )

Emitted when a CameraFeed is removed (e.g. webcam is unplugged).


enum FeedImage:

  • FEED_RGBA_IMAGE = 0 --- The RGBA camera image.
  • FEED_YCBCR_IMAGE = 0 --- The YCbCr camera image.
  • FEED_Y_IMAGE = 0 --- The Y component camera image.
  • FEED_CBCR_IMAGE = 1 --- The CbCr component camera image.

Method Descriptions

void add_feed ( CameraFeed feed )

Adds a camera feed to the camera server.

Array feeds ( )

Returns an array of CameraFeeds.

CameraFeed get_feed ( int index )

Returns the CameraFeed with this id.

int get_feed_count ( )

Returns the number of CameraFeeds registered.

void remove_feed ( CameraFeed feed )

Removes a CameraFeed.

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