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Inherits: CSGPrimitive < CSGShape < GeometryInstance < VisualInstance < Spatial < Node < Object

A CSG Torus shape.


This node allows you to create a torus for use with the CSG system.


float inner_radius 2.0
Material material
float outer_radius 3.0
int ring_sides 6
int sides 8
bool smooth_faces true

Property Descriptions

float inner_radius

Default 2.0
Setter set_inner_radius(value)
Getter get_inner_radius()

The inner radius of the torus.

Material material

Setter set_material(value)
Getter get_material()

The material used to render the torus.

float outer_radius

Default 3.0
Setter set_outer_radius(value)
Getter get_outer_radius()

The outer radius of the torus.

int ring_sides

Default 6
Setter set_ring_sides(value)
Getter get_ring_sides()

The number of edges each ring of the torus is constructed of.

int sides

Default 8
Setter set_sides(value)
Getter get_sides()

The number of slices the torus is constructed of.

bool smooth_faces

Default true
Setter set_smooth_faces(value)
Getter get_smooth_faces()

If true the normals of the torus are set to give a smooth effect making the torus seem rounded. If false the torus will have a flat shaded look.

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