/Godot 3.2


Inherits: InputEvent < Resource < Reference < Object

Input event type for screen drag events. Only available on mobile devices.


Contains screen drag information. See Node._input.



int index 0
Vector2 position Vector2( 0, 0 )
Vector2 relative Vector2( 0, 0 )
Vector2 speed Vector2( 0, 0 )

Property Descriptions

int index

Default 0
Setter set_index(value)
Getter get_index()

The drag event index in the case of a multi-drag event.

Vector2 position

Default Vector2( 0, 0 )
Setter set_position(value)
Getter get_position()

The drag position.

Vector2 relative

Default Vector2( 0, 0 )
Setter set_relative(value)
Getter get_relative()

The drag position relative to its start position.

Vector2 speed

Default Vector2( 0, 0 )
Setter set_speed(value)
Getter get_speed()

The drag speed.

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