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Inherits: VisualInstance < Spatial < Node < Object

Inherited By: DirectionalLight, OmniLight, SpotLight

Provides a base class for different kinds of light nodes.


Light is the abstract base class for light nodes. As it can't be instanced, it shouldn't be used directly. Other types of light nodes inherit from it. Light contains the common variables and parameters used for lighting.



bool editor_only false
BakeMode light_bake_mode 1
Color light_color Color( 1, 1, 1, 1 )
int light_cull_mask 4294967295
float light_energy 1.0
float light_indirect_energy 1.0
bool light_negative false
float light_specular 0.5
float shadow_bias 0.15
Color shadow_color Color( 0, 0, 0, 1 )
float shadow_contact 0.0
bool shadow_enabled false
bool shadow_reverse_cull_face false


float get_param ( Param param ) const
void set_param ( Param param, float value )


enum Param:

enum BakeMode:

  • BAKE_DISABLED = 0 --- Light is ignored when baking.

Note: Hiding a light does not affect baking.

  • BAKE_INDIRECT = 1 --- Only indirect lighting will be baked (default).
  • BAKE_ALL = 2 --- Both direct and indirect light will be baked.

Note: You should hide the light if you don't want it to appear twice (dynamic and baked).

Property Descriptions

bool editor_only

Default false
Setter set_editor_only(value)
Getter is_editor_only()

If true, the light only appears in the editor and will not be visible at runtime.

BakeMode light_bake_mode

Default 1
Setter set_bake_mode(value)
Getter get_bake_mode()

The light's bake mode. See BakeMode.

Color light_color

Default Color( 1, 1, 1, 1 )
Setter set_color(value)
Getter get_color()

The light's color. An overbright color can be used to achieve a result equivalent to increasing the light's light_energy.

int light_cull_mask

Default 4294967295
Setter set_cull_mask(value)
Getter get_cull_mask()

The light will affect objects in the selected layers.

float light_energy

Default 1.0
Setter set_param(value)
Getter get_param()

The light's strength multiplier (this is not a physical unit). For OmniLight and SpotLight, changing this value will only change the light color's intensity, not the light's radius.

float light_indirect_energy

Default 1.0
Setter set_param(value)
Getter get_param()

Secondary multiplier used with indirect light (light bounces). This works on both BakedLightmap and GIProbe.

bool light_negative

Default false
Setter set_negative(value)
Getter is_negative()

If true, the light's effect is reversed, darkening areas and casting bright shadows.

float light_specular

Default 0.5
Setter set_param(value)
Getter get_param()

The intensity of the specular blob in objects affected by the light. At 0, the light becomes a pure diffuse light. When not baking emission, this can be used to avoid unrealistic reflections when placing lights above an emissive surface.

float shadow_bias

Default 0.15
Setter set_param(value)
Getter get_param()

Used to adjust shadow appearance. Too small a value results in self-shadowing ("shadow acne"), while too large a value causes shadows to separate from casters ("peter-panning"). Adjust as needed.

Color shadow_color

Default Color( 0, 0, 0, 1 )
Setter set_shadow_color(value)
Getter get_shadow_color()

The color of shadows cast by this light.

float shadow_contact

Default 0.0
Setter set_param(value)
Getter get_param()

Attempts to reduce shadow_bias gap.

bool shadow_enabled

Default false
Setter set_shadow(value)
Getter has_shadow()

If true, the light will cast shadows.

bool shadow_reverse_cull_face

Default false
Setter set_shadow_reverse_cull_face(value)
Getter get_shadow_reverse_cull_face()

If true, reverses the backface culling of the mesh. This can be useful when you have a flat mesh that has a light behind it. If you need to cast a shadow on both sides of the mesh, set the mesh to use double-sided shadows with GeometryInstance.SHADOW_CASTING_SETTING_DOUBLE_SIDED.

Method Descriptions

float get_param ( Param param ) const

Returns the value of the specified Param parameter.

void set_param ( Param param, float value )

Sets the value of the specified Param parameter.

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