/Godot 3.2


Inherits: Node2D < CanvasItem < Node < Object

A parallax scrolling layer to be used with ParallaxBackground.


A ParallaxLayer must be the child of a ParallaxBackground node. Each ParallaxLayer can be set to move at different speeds relative to the camera movement or the ParallaxBackground.scroll_offset value.

This node's children will be affected by its scroll offset.

Note: Any changes to this node's position and scale made after it enters the scene will be ignored.


Vector2 motion_mirroring Vector2( 0, 0 )
Vector2 motion_offset Vector2( 0, 0 )
Vector2 motion_scale Vector2( 1, 1 )

Property Descriptions

Vector2 motion_mirroring

Default Vector2( 0, 0 )
Setter set_mirroring(value)
Getter get_mirroring()

The ParallaxLayer's Texture mirroring. Useful for creating an infinite scrolling background. If an axis is set to 0, the Texture will not be mirrored.

Vector2 motion_offset

Default Vector2( 0, 0 )
Setter set_motion_offset(value)
Getter get_motion_offset()

The ParallaxLayer's offset relative to the parent ParallaxBackground's ParallaxBackground.scroll_offset.

Vector2 motion_scale

Default Vector2( 1, 1 )
Setter set_motion_scale(value)
Getter get_motion_scale()

Multiplies the ParallaxLayer's motion. If an axis is set to 0, it will not scroll.

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