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Inherits: PrimitiveMesh < Mesh < Resource < Reference < Object

Class representing a planar PrimitiveMesh.


Class representing a planar PrimitiveMesh. This flat mesh does not have a thickness. By default, this mesh is aligned on the X and Z axes; this default rotation isn't suited for use with billboarded materials. For billboarded materials, use QuadMesh instead.


Vector2 size Vector2( 2, 2 )
int subdivide_depth 0
int subdivide_width 0

Property Descriptions

Vector2 size

Default Vector2( 2, 2 )
Setter set_size(value)
Getter get_size()

Size of the generated plane.

int subdivide_depth

Default 0
Setter set_subdivide_depth(value)
Getter get_subdivide_depth()

Number of subdivision along the Z axis.

int subdivide_width

Default 0
Setter set_subdivide_width(value)
Getter get_subdivide_width()

Number of subdivision along the X axis.

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