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Inherits: Node2D < CanvasItem < Node < Object

RemoteTransform2D pushes its own Transform2D to another CanvasItem derived Node in the scene.


RemoteTransform2D pushes its own Transform2D to another CanvasItem derived Node (called the remote node) in the scene.

It can be set to update another Node's position, rotation and/or scale. It can use either global or local coordinates.


NodePath remote_path NodePath("")
bool update_position true
bool update_rotation true
bool update_scale true
bool use_global_coordinates true


void force_update_cache ( )

Property Descriptions

NodePath remote_path

Default NodePath("")
Setter set_remote_node(value)
Getter get_remote_node()

The NodePath to the remote node, relative to the RemoteTransform2D's position in the scene.

bool update_position

Default true
Setter set_update_position(value)
Getter get_update_position()

If true, the remote node's position is updated.

bool update_rotation

Default true
Setter set_update_rotation(value)
Getter get_update_rotation()

If true, the remote node's rotation is updated.

bool update_scale

Default true
Setter set_update_scale(value)
Getter get_update_scale()

If true, the remote node's scale is updated.

bool use_global_coordinates

Default true
Setter set_use_global_coordinates(value)
Getter get_use_global_coordinates()

If true, global coordinates are used. If false, local coordinates are used.

Method Descriptions

void force_update_cache ( )

RemoteTransform2D caches the remote node. It may not notice if the remote node disappears; force_update_cache forces it to update the cache again.

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