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Inherits: Resource < Reference < Object

Class that has everything pertaining to a 2D world.


Class that has everything pertaining to a 2D world. A physics space, a visual scenario and a sound space. 2D nodes register their resources into the current 2D world.



RID canvas
Physics2DDirectSpaceState direct_space_state
RID space

Property Descriptions

RID canvas

Getter get_canvas()

The RID of this world's canvas resource. Used by the VisualServer for 2D drawing.

Physics2DDirectSpaceState direct_space_state

Getter get_direct_space_state()

Direct access to the world's physics 2D space state. Used for querying current and potential collisions. Must only be accessed from the main thread within _physics_process(delta).

RID space

Getter get_space()

The RID of this world's physics space resource. Used by the Physics2DServer for 2D physics, treating it as both a space and an area.

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