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Stability internal
Portability non-portable (GHC Extensions)
Safe Haskell Unsafe
Language Haskell2010


References in the ST monad.

data STRef s a Source

a value of type STRef s a is a mutable variable in state thread s, containing a value of type a

>>> :{
runST (do
    ref <- newSTRef "hello"
    x <- readSTRef ref
    writeSTRef ref (x ++ "world")
    readSTRef ref )


STRef (MutVar# s a)
Instances details
Eq (STRef s a)

Pointer equality.

Since: base-2.1

Instance details

Defined in GHC.STRef


(==) :: STRef s a -> STRef s a -> Bool Source

(/=) :: STRef s a -> STRef s a -> Bool Source

newSTRef :: a -> ST s (STRef s a) Source

Build a new STRef in the current state thread

readSTRef :: STRef s a -> ST s a Source

Read the value of an STRef

writeSTRef :: STRef s a -> a -> ST s () Source

Write a new value into an STRef

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