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Copyright (c) Volker Stolz <[email protected]> 2003
License BSD-style (see the file libraries/base/LICENSE)
Maintainer [email protected]
Stability provisional
Portability non-portable (requires POSIX)
Safe Haskell Safe
Language Haskell2010


Dynamic linker support through dlopen()

module System.Posix.DynamicLinker.Prim

dlopen :: FilePath -> [RTLDFlags] -> IO DL Source

dlsym :: DL -> String -> IO (FunPtr a) Source

dlsym returns the address binding of the symbol described in symbol, as it occurs in the shared object identified by source.

dlerror :: IO String Source

dlclose :: DL -> IO () Source

withDL :: String -> [RTLDFlags] -> (DL -> IO a) -> IO a Source

withDL_ :: String -> [RTLDFlags] -> (DL -> IO a) -> IO () Source

undl :: DL -> Ptr () Source

undl obtains the raw handle. You mustn't do something like withDL mod flags $ liftM undl >>= p -> use p

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