/Haskell 8


Copyright 2008-2013 Judah Jacobson 2013 shelarcy
License BSD-style
Maintainer [email protected]
Stability Provisional
Portability Non-portable (Win32 API)
Safe Haskell Safe
Language Haskell2010


Set handlers of console Ctrl events.

type CtrlEvent = DWORD Source

type Handler = CtrlEvent -> IO BOOL Source

type PHANDLER_ROUTINE = FunPtr Handler Source

withConsoleCtrlHandler :: Handler -> IO a -> IO a Source

setConsoleCtrlHandler :: PHANDLER_ROUTINE -> BOOL -> IO () Source

This function isn't suitable when we want to set the cTRL_C_EVENT handler. If you want to set the cTRL_C_EVENT handler, use c_SetConsoleCtrlHandler instead.

c_SetConsoleCtrlHandler :: PHANDLER_ROUTINE -> BOOL -> IO BOOL Source

mkHandler :: Handler -> IO PHANDLER_ROUTINE Source

cTRL_C_EVENT :: CtrlEvent Source

cTRL_BREAK_EVENT :: CtrlEvent Source

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Licensed under a BSD-style license (see top of the page).