package haxe.macro

import haxe.macro.CompilationServer

Available on all platforms


inlineread onlyCheckFileContentModification:ModuleCheckPolicy = 1

If a file is modified, also checks if its content changed. This check is not free, but useful when .hx files are auto-generated.

inlineread onlyNoCheckDependencies:ModuleCheckPolicy = 2

Disables dependency checks of the module.

This should only be used for modules that don't depend on any module that might change. It is effectively a promise to the compiler that the module is unaffected by changes made to other modules. If that promise is broken, the compiler is sad and things probably stop working.

inlineread onlyNoCheckFileTimeModification:ModuleCheckPolicy = 0

Disables file modification checks, avoiding some filesystem operations.

inlineread onlyNoCheckShadowing:ModuleCheckPolicy = 3

Disables file shadowing checks. Shadowing can occur when a new file is added to a class-path that has higher priority than the class-path of the current module file.

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