package haxe.xml

Available on all platforms

The haxe.xml.Fast API helps providing a fast dot-syntax access to the most common Xml methods.


new (x:Xml)


read only att:AttribAccess

Access to a given attribute.

An exception is thrown if the attribute doesn't exists. Use has to check the existence of an attribute.

var f = new haxe.xml.Fast(Xml.parse("<user name='Mark'></user>"));
var user = f.node.user;
if (user.has.name) {
	trace(user.att.name); // Mark

read only elements:Iterator<Fast>

The list of all sub-elements which are the nodes with type Xml.Element.

read only has:HasAttribAccess

Check the existence of an attribute with the given name.

read only hasNode:HasNodeAccess

Check the existence of a sub node with the given name.

var f = new haxe.xml.Fast(Xml.parse("<user><age>31</age></user>"));
var user = f.node.user;
if (user.hasNode.age) {
	trace(user.node.age.innerData); // 31

read only innerData:String

The inner PCDATA or CDATA of the node.

An exception is thrown if there is no data or if there not only data but also other nodes.

read only innerHTML:String

The XML string built with all the sub nodes, excluding the current one.

read only name:String

The name of the current element. This is the same as Xml.nodeName.

read only node:NodeAccess

Access to the first sub element with the given name.

An exception is thrown if the element doesn't exists. Use hasNode to check the existence of a node.

var fast = new haxe.xml.Fast(Xml.parse("<user><name>John</name></user>"));
var user = fast.node.user;
var name = user.node.name;
trace(name.innerData); // John

// Uncaught Error: Document is missing element password
var password = user.node.password;

read only nodes:NodeListAccess

Access to the List of elements with the given name.

var fast = new haxe.xml.Fast(Xml.parse("<users>
		<user name='John'/>
		<user name='Andy'/>
		<user name='Dan'/>

var users = fast.node.users;
for(user in users.nodes.user) {

read only x:Xml

The current corresponding Xml node.

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