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package java.util.regex

implements Serializable

@:final@:libType@:javaNative@:native("java.util.regex.Pattern")@:javaCanonical("java.util.regex","Pattern") Available on java


@:overload flags ():Int

@:overload matcher (param1:CharSequence):Matcher

@:overload pattern ():String

@:overload split (param1:CharSequence):NativeArray<String>

@:overload split (param1:CharSequence, param2:Int):NativeArray<String>

@:overload toString ():String

Static variables

@:final static read only CANON_EQ:Int

@:final static read only CASE_INSENSITIVE:Int

@:final static read only COMMENTS:Int

@:final static read only DOTALL:Int

@:final static read only LITERAL:Int

@:final static read only MULTILINE:Int

@:final static read only UNICODE_CASE:Int

@:final static read only UNICODE_CHARACTER_CLASS:Int

@:final static read only UNIX_LINES:Int

Static methods

@:native("compile") @:overload static _compile (param1:String, param2:Int):Pattern

@:native("compile") @:overload static compile (param1:String):Pattern

Deprecated: "This static field `_compile` is deprecated and will be removed in later versions. Please use `compile` instead"

@:overload static compile (param1:String, param2:Int):Pattern

@:overload static compile (param1:String):Pattern

@:overload static matches (param1:String, param2:CharSequence):Bool

@:overload static quote (param1:String):String

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