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package js.html.audio

extends EventTarget

extended by AnalyserNode, AudioBufferSourceNode, AudioDestinationNode, BiquadFilterNode, ChannelMergerNode, ChannelSplitterNode, ConvolverNode, DelayNode, DynamicsCompressorNode, GainNode, MediaElementAudioSourceNode, MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode, MediaStreamAudioSourceNode, OscillatorNode, PannerNode, ScriptProcessorNode, StereoPannerNode, WaveShaperNode

@:native("AudioNode") Available on js

The AudioNode interface is a generic interface for representing an audio processing module like an audio source (e.g. an HTML audio or video element, an OscillatorNode, etc.), the audio destination, intermediate processing module (e.g. a filter like BiquadFilterNode or ConvolverNode), or volume control (like GainNode).

Documentation AudioNode by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.




Represents an integer used to determine how many channels are used when up-mixing and down-mixing connections to any inputs to the node. Its usage and precise definition depend on the value of AudioNode.channelCountMode.


Represents an enumerated value describing the way channels must be matched between the node's inputs and outputs.


Represents an enumerated value describing the meaning of the channels. This interpretation will define how audio up-mixing and down-mixing will happen.

The possible values are "speakers" or "discrete".

read only context:AudioContext

Returns the associated AudioContext, that is the object representing the processing graph the node is participating in.

read only numberOfInputs:Int

Returns the number of inputs feeding the node. Source nodes are defined as nodes having a numberOfInputs property with a value of 0.

read only numberOfOutputs:Int

Returns the number of outputs coming out of the node. Destination nodes — like AudioDestinationNode — have a value of 0 for this attribute.


@:value({ output : 0 }) connect (destination:AudioParam, output:Int = 0):Void

@:value({ input : 0, output : 0 }) connect (destination:AudioNode, output:Int = 0, input:Int = 0):AudioNode


null DOMError

@:value({ output : 0 }) disconnect (output:Int = 0):Void


null DOMError

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