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package js.html.audio

extends AudioNodeEventTarget

@:native("PannerNode") Available on js

A PannerNode always has exactly one input and one output: the input can be mono or stereo but the output is always stereo (2 channels); you can't have panning effects without at least two audio channels!

Documentation PannerNode by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.




Is a double value describing the angle, in degrees, of a cone inside of which there will be no volume reduction.


A double value describing the angle, in degrees, of a cone outside of which the volume will be reduced by a constant value, defined by the coneOuterGain attribute.


A double value describing the amount of volume reduction outside the cone defined by the coneOuterAngle attribute. Its default value is 0, meaning that no sound can be heard.


An enumerated value determining which algorithm to use to reduce the volume of the audio source as it moves away from the listener.


A double value representing the maximum distance between the audio source and the listener, after which the volume is not reduced any further.


An enumerated value determining which spatialisation algorithm to use to position the audio in 3D space.


A double value representing the reference distance for reducing volume as the audio source moves further from the listener.


A double value describing how quickly the volume is reduced as the source moves away from the listener. This value is used by all distance models.


setOrientation (x:Float, y:Float, z:Float):Void

Defines the direction the audio source is playing in.

setPosition (x:Float, y:Float, z:Float):Void

Defines the position of the audio source relative to the listener (represented by an AudioListener object stored in the AudioContext.listener attribute.)

setVelocity (x:Float, y:Float, z:Float):Void

Defines the velocity vector of the audio source — how fast it is moving and in what direction. In a previous version of the specification, the PannerNode had a velocity that could pitch up or down AudioBufferSourceNodes connected downstream. This feature was not clearly specified and had a number of issues, so it was removed from the specification.

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