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package js.html

extended by WindowClient

@:native("Client") Available on js

The Client interface of the ServiceWorker API represents the scope of a service worker client. A service worker client is either a document in a browser context or a SharedWorker, which is controlled by an active worker. A client object acts as a snapshot representation of its associated service worker client in the scope of a service worker.

Documentation Client by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



read only frameType:FrameType

Indicates the type of browsing context of the current client. This value can be one of auxiliary, top-level, nested, or none.

read only id:String

Returns the universally unique identifier of the Client object.

read only url:String

The URL of the current service worker client.


postMessage (message:Dynamic, ?transfer:Array<Dynamic>):Void


null DOMError

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