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package js.html

extended by AudioProcessingEvent, OfflineAudioCompletionEvent, VersionChangeEvent, ContextEvent, AnimationEvent, BeforeUnloadEvent, ClipboardEvent, CloseEvent, CommandEvent, CustomEvent, DOMTransactionEvent, DeviceMotionEvent, DeviceOrientationEvent, ErrorEvent, ExtendableEvent, HashChangeEvent, MessageEvent, MutationEvent, NotifyPaintEvent, PageTransitionEvent, PopStateEvent, PopupBlockedEvent, ProgressEvent, RecordErrorEvent, SpeechRecognitionError, SpeechRecognitionEvent, SpeechSynthesisEvent, StorageEvent, TimeEvent, TrackEvent, TransitionEvent, UIEvent, Event

@:native("Event") Available on js

The Event interface represents any event which takes place in the DOM; some are user-generated (such as mouse or keyboard events), while others are generated by APIs (such as events that indicate an animation has finished running, a video has been paused, and so forth). There are many types of event, some of which use are other interfaces based on the main Event interface. Event itself contains the properties and methods which are common to all events.

Documentation Event by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



new (type:String, ?eventInitDict:EventInit)


null DOMError


read only bubbles:Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the event bubbles up through the DOM or not.

read only cancelable:Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the event is cancelable.

read only currentTarget:EventTarget

A reference to the currently registered target for the event. This is the object to which the event is currently slated to be sent to; it's possible this has been changed along the way through retargeting.

read only defaultPrevented:Bool

Indicates whether or not event.preventDefault() has been called on the event.

read only eventPhase:Int

Indicates which phase of the event flow is being processed.

read only explicitOriginalTarget:EventTarget

The explicit original target of the event (Mozilla-specific).

read only isTrusted:Bool

Indicates whether or not the event was initiated by the browser (after a user click for instance) or by a script (using an event creation method, like event.initEvent)

read only originalTarget:EventTarget

The original target of the event, before any retargetings (Mozilla-specific).

read only target:EventTarget

A reference to the target to which the event was originally dispatched.

read only timeStamp:Float

The time at which the event was created, in milliseconds. By specification, this value is time since epoch, but in reality browsers' definitions vary; in addition, work is underway to change this to be a DOMHighResTimeStamp instead.

read only type:String

The name of the event (case-insensitive).


getPreventDefault ():Bool

Non-standard. Returns the value of Event.defaultPrevented. Use Event.defaultPrevented instead.

initEvent (type:String, bubbles:Bool, cancelable:Bool):Void

Initializes the value of an Event created. If the event has already being dispatched, this method does nothing.

preventDefault ():Void

Cancels the event (if it is cancelable).

stopImmediatePropagation ():Void

For this particular event, no other listener will be called. Neither those attached on the same element, nor those attached on elements which will be traversed later (in capture phase, for instance)

stopPropagation ():Void

Stops the propagation of events further along in the DOM.

Static variables

@:value(1) static inline read only ALT_MASK:Int = 1

@:value(2) static inline read only AT_TARGET:Int = 2

@:value(3) static inline read only BUBBLING_PHASE:Int = 3

@:value(1) static inline read only CAPTURING_PHASE:Int = 1

@:value(2) static inline read only CONTROL_MASK:Int = 2

@:value(8) static inline read only META_MASK:Int = 8

@:value(0) static inline read only NONE:Int = 0

@:value(4) static inline read only SHIFT_MASK:Int = 4

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