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package js.html

extends ExtendableEventEvent

@:native("ExtendableMessageEvent") Available on js

The ExtendableMessageEvent interface of the ServiceWorker API represents the event object of a message event fired on a service worker (when a channel message is received on the ServiceWorkerGlobalScope from another context) — extends the lifetime of such events.

Documentation ExtendableMessageEvent by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



new (type:String, ?eventInitDict:ExtendableMessageEventInit)


null DOMError


read only data:Dynamic

Returns the event's data. It can be any data type.

read only lastEventId:String

Represents, in server-sent events, the last event ID of the event source.

read only origin:String

Returns the origin of the ServiceWorkerClient that sent the message

read only ports:MessagePortList

Returns the array containing the MessagePort objects representing the ports of the associated message channel.

read only source:EitherType<Client, EitherType<ServiceWorker, MessagePort>>

Returns a reference to the service worker that sent the message.

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