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package js.html.idb

extends EventTarget

extended by OpenDBRequest

@:native("IDBRequest") Available on js

The request object does not initially contain any information about the result of the operation, but once information becomes available, an event is fired on the request, and the information becomes available through the properties of the IDBRequest instance.

Documentation IDBRequest by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



read only error:DOMError

Returns an error in the event of an unsuccessful request, indicating what went wrong.


The event handler for the error event.


The event handler for the success event.

read only readyState:RequestReadyState

The state of the request. Every request starts in the pending state. The state changes to done when the request completes successfully or when an error occurs.

read only result:Dynamic

Returns the result of the request. If the the request failed and the result is not available, an InvalidStateError exception is thrown.

read only source:EitherType<ObjectStore, EitherType<Index, Cursor>>

The source of the request, such as an IDBIndex or an IDBObjectStore. If no source exists (such as when calling IDBFactory.open), it returns null.

read only transaction:Transaction

The transaction for the request. This property can be null for certain requests, for example those returned from IDBFactory.open unless an upgrade is needed. (You're just connecting to a database, so there is no transaction to return).

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