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package js.html

extends EventTarget

extended by AudioStreamTrack, VideoStreamTrack

@:native("MediaStreamTrack") Available on js

The MediaStreamTrack interface represents a single media track within a stream; typically, these are audio or video tracks, but other track types may exist as well.

Documentation MediaStreamTrack by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.




A Boolean value with a value of true if the track is enabled, that is allowed to render the media source stream; or false if it is disabled, that is not rendering the media source stream but silence and blackness. If the track has been disconnected, this value can be changed but has no more effect.

read only id:String

Returns a DOMString containing a unique identifier (GUID) for the track; it is generated by the browser.

read only kind:String

Returns a DOMString set to "audio" if the track is an audio track and to "video", if it is a video track. It doesn't change if the track is deassociated from its source.

read only label:String

Returns a DOMString containing a user agent-assigned label that identifies the track source, as in "internal microphone". The string may be left empty and is empty as long as no source has been connected. When the track is deassociated from its source, the label is not changed.


applyConstraints (?constraints:MediaTrackConstraints):Promise<Void>


null DOMError

stop ():Void

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