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package js.html

@:native("PerformanceNavigation") Available on js

The PerformanceNavigation interface represents information about how the navigation to the current document was done.

Documentation PerformanceNavigation by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



read only redirectCount:Int

Is an unsigned short representing the number of REDIRECTs done before reaching the page.

read only type:Int

Is an unsigned short containing a constant describing how the navigation to this page was done. Possible values are:

Value Constant name Meaning
0 TYPE_NAVIGATE The page was accessed by following a link, a bookmark, a form submission, a script, or typing the URL in the address bar.
1 TYPE_RELOAD The page was accessed by clicking the Reload button or via the Location.reload() method.
2 TYPE_BACK_FORWARD The page was accessed by navigating into the history.
255 TYPE_RESERVED Any other way.

Static variables

@:value(2) static inline read only TYPE_BACK_FORWARD:Int = 2

@:value(0) static inline read only TYPE_NAVIGATE:Int = 0

@:value(1) static inline read only TYPE_RELOAD:Int = 1

@:value(255) static inline read only TYPE_RESERVED:Int = 255

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