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package js.html

extends PerformanceEntry

@:native("PerformanceResourceTiming") Available on js

The PerformanceResourceTiming interface enables retrieving and analyzing detailed network timing data regarding the loading of an application's resources. An application can use the timing metrics to determine, for example, the length of time it takes to fetch a specific resource, such as an XMLHttpRequest, SVG, image, or script.

Documentation PerformanceResourceTiming by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



read only connectEnd:Float

read only connectStart:Float

read only decodedBodySize:Int

read only domainLookupEnd:Float

read only domainLookupStart:Float

read only encodedBodySize:Int

read only fetchStart:Float

read only initiatorType:String

read only nextHopProtocol:String

read only redirectEnd:Float

read only redirectStart:Float

read only requestStart:Float

read only responseEnd:Float

read only responseStart:Float

read only secureConnectionStart:Float

read only transferSize:Int

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