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package js.html.rtc

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The WebRTC interface RTCRtpTransceiver describes a permanent pairing of an RTCRtpSender and an RTCRtpReceiver, along with some shared state.

Documentation RTCRtpTransceiver by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.

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read onlycurrentDirection:RtpTransceiverDirection

A string from the enum RTCRtpTransceiverDirection which indicates the transceiver's current directionality, or null if the transceiver is stopped or has never participated in an exchange of offers and answers.


A string from the enum RTCRtpTransceiverDirection which is used to set the transceiver's desired direction.

read onlymid:String

The media ID of the m-line associated with this transceiver. This association is established, when possible, whenever either a local or remote description is applied. This field is null if neither a local or remote description has been applied, or if its associated m-line is rejected by either a remote offer or any answer.

read onlyreceiver:RtpReceiver

The RTCRtpReceiver object that handles receiving and decoding incoming media.

read onlysender:RtpSender

The RTCRtpSender object responsible for encoding and sending data to the remote peer.

read onlystopped:Bool

Indicates whether or not sending and receiving using the paired RTCRtpSender and RTCRtpReceiver has been permanently disabled, either due to SDP offer/answer, or due to a call to RTCRtpTransceiver.stop.




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