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package js.html

extends WorkerGlobalScopeEventTarget

@:native("SharedWorkerGlobalScope") Available on js

The SharedWorkerGlobalScope object (the SharedWorker global scope) is accessible through the self keyword. Some additional global functions, namespaces objects, and constructors, not typically associated with the worker global scope, but available on it, are listed in the JavaScript Reference. See the complete list of functions available to workers.

Documentation SharedWorkerGlobalScope by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



read only name:String

The name that the SharedWorker was (optionally) given when it was created. This is the name that the SharedWorker.SharedWorker constructor can pass to get a reference to the SharedWorkerGlobalScope.


Is an EventHandler representing the code to be called when the connect event is raised — that is, when a MessagePort connection is opened between the associated SharedWorker and the main thread.

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