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package js.html.svg

extends ElementDOMElementNodeEventTarget

extended by LinearGradientElement, RadialGradientElement

@:native("SVGGradientElement") Available on js

The SVGGradient interface is a base interface used by SVGLinearGradientElement and SVGRadialGradientElement.

Documentation SVGGradientElement by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



read only gradientTransform:AnimatedTransformList

read only gradientUnits:AnimatedEnumeration

read only href:AnimatedString

read only spreadMethod:AnimatedEnumeration

Static variables

@:value(1) static inline read only SVG_SPREADMETHOD_PAD:Int = 1

@:value(2) static inline read only SVG_SPREADMETHOD_REFLECT:Int = 2

@:value(3) static inline read only SVG_SPREADMETHOD_REPEAT:Int = 3

@:value(0) static inline read only SVG_SPREADMETHOD_UNKNOWN:Int = 0

@:value(2) static inline read only SVG_UNIT_TYPE_OBJECTBOUNDINGBOX:Int = 2

@:value(0) static inline read only SVG_UNIT_TYPE_UNKNOWN:Int = 0

@:value(1) static inline read only SVG_UNIT_TYPE_USERSPACEONUSE:Int = 1

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