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package js.html

extends ElementDOMElementNodeEventTarget

@:native("HTMLTableSectionElement") Available on js

The HTMLTableSectionElement interface provides special properties and methods (beyond the HTMLElement interface it also has available to it by inheritance) for manipulating the layout and presentation of sections, that is headers, footers and bodies, in an HTML table.

Documentation HTMLTableSectionElement by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.




Is a DOMString containing an enumerated value reflecting the align attribute. It indicates the alignment of the element's contents with respect to the surrounding context. The possible values are "left", "right", and "center".


Is a DOMString containing one single chararcter. This character is the one to align all the cell of a column on. It reflects the char and default to the decimal points associated with the language, e.g. '.' for English, or ',' for French. This property was optional and was not very well supported.


Is a DOMString containing a integer indicating how many characters must be left at the right (for left-to-right scripts; or at the left for right-to-left scripts) of the character defined by HTMLTableRowElement.ch. This property was optional and was not very well supported.

read only rows:HTMLCollection

Returns a live HTMLCollection containing the rows in the section. The HTMLCollection is live and is automatically updated when rows are added or removed.


Is a DOMString representing an enumerated value indicating how the content of the cell must be vertically aligned. It reflects the valign attribute and can have one of the following values: "top", "middle", "bottom", or "baseline".


deleteRow (index:Int):Void


null DOMError

@:value({ index : -1 }) insertRow (index:Int = -1):Element


null DOMError

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