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package js.html.webgl.extension

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The EXT_disjoint_timer_query extension is part of the WebGL API and provides a way to measure the duration of a set of GL commands, without stalling the rendering pipeline.

Documentation EXT_disjoint_timer_query by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.

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Static variables

staticinlineread onlyCURRENT_QUERY_EXT:Int = 34917

A WebGLQuery object, which is the currently active query for the given target.

staticinlineread onlyGPU_DISJOINT_EXT:Int = 36795

A GLboolean indicating whether or not the GPU performed any disjoint operation.

staticinlineread onlyQUERY_COUNTER_BITS_EXT:Int = 34916

A GLint indicating the number of bits used to hold the query result for the given target.

staticinlineread onlyQUERY_RESULT_AVAILABLE_EXT:Int = 34919

A GLboolean indicating whether or not a query result is available.

staticinlineread onlyQUERY_RESULT_EXT:Int = 34918

A GLuint64EXT containing the query result.

staticinlineread onlyTIMESTAMP_EXT:Int = 36392

The current time.

staticinlineread onlyTIME_ELAPSED_EXT:Int = 35007

Elapsed time (in nanoseconds).


beginQueryEXT(target:Int, query:Query):Void

The timer starts when all commands prior to beginQueryEXT have been fully executed.


Creates a new WebGLQuery.


Deletes a given WebGLQuery.


The timer stops when all commands prior to endQueryEXT have been fully executed.

getQueryEXT(target:Int, pname:Int):Dynamic

Returns information about a query target.

getQueryObjectEXT(query:Query, pname:Int):Dynamic

Return the state of a query object.


Returns true if a given object is a WebGLQuery.

queryCounterEXT(query:Query, target:Int):Void

Records the current time into the corresponding query object.

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