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package js.lib.intl

import js.lib.intl.NumberFormat

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inlineread onlyCurrency:NumberFormatPartType = "currency"

The currency string, such as the symbols "$" and "€" or the name "Dollar", "Euro" depending on how currencyDisplay is specified.

inlineread onlyDecimal:NumberFormatPartType = "decimal"

The decimal separator string (".").

inlineread onlyFraction:NumberFormatPartType = "fraction"

The fraction number.

inlineread onlygroup:NumberFormatPartType = "group"

The group separator string (",").

inlineread onlyinfinity:NumberFormatPartType = "infinity"

The Infinity string ("∞").

inlineread onlyinteger:NumberFormatPartType = "integer"

The integer number.

inlineread onlyliteral:NumberFormatPartType = "literal"

Any literal strings or whitespace in the formatted number.

inlineread onlyminusSign:NumberFormatPartType = "minusSign"

The minus sign string ("-").

inlineread onlynan:NumberFormatPartType = "nan"

The NaN string ("NaN").

inlineread onlypercentSign:NumberFormatPartType = "percentSign"

The percent sign string ("%").

inlineread onlyplusSign:NumberFormatPartType = "plusSign"

The plus sign string ("+").

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