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package python.internal

Available on python

This class provides unqualified access to python builtins that are safe to use in haxe/python code. Fields listed here must be synchronized with genpy's KeywordHandler.kwds2 list to be properly escaped.

Static methods

static bool (o:Dynamic):Bool

static callable (x:Dynamic):Bool

static chr (c:Int):String

static delattr (o:Dynamic, attr:String):Void

static filter<T> (f:T ‑> Bool, a:Array<T>):Array<T>

static float (o:Dynamic):Float

static getattr (o:Dynamic, a:String, ?def:Dynamic):Dynamic

static hasattr (o:Dynamic, a:String):Bool

static int (o:Dynamic, ?base:Int):Int

static isinstance (o:Dynamic, c:Dynamic):Bool

static iter<T> (o:NativeIterable<T>):NativeIterator<T>

static len (x:Dynamic):Int

static list<T> (o:Dynamic):Array<T>

static map<T, S> (f:T ‑> S, a:Array<T>):Array<S>

static max<T> (a:T, b:T ):T

static min<T> (a:T, b:T ):T

static ord (s:String):Int

static setattr (o:Dynamic, a:String, v:Dynamic):Void

static str (o:Dynamic):String

static type (o:Dynamic):Dynamic

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