Differences between Telegraf 1.3 and 1.2

This page aims to ease the transition from Telegraf 1.2 to Telegraf 1.3. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of the differences between the versions. See Telegraf’s Changelog for more details.

Release Notes

Changes to the Windows ping plugin

Users of the windows ping plugin will need to drop or migrate their measurements to continue using the plugin. The reason for this is that the windows plugin was outputting a different type than the linux plugin. This made it impossible to use the ping plugin for both windows and linux machines.

Changes to the Ceph plugin

For the Ceph plugin, the ceph_pgmap_state metric content has been modified to use a unique field count, with each state expressed as a state tag.

Telegraf < 1.3:

# field_name             value
active+clean             123
active+clean+scrubbing   3

Telegraf >= 1.3:

# field_name    value       tag
count           123         state=active+clean
count           3           state=active+clean+scrubbing

Rewritten Riemann plugin

The Riemann output plugin has been rewritten and the previous riemann plugin is incompatible with the new one. The reasons for this are outlined in issue #1878. The previous Riemann output will still be available using outputs.riemann_legacy if needed, but that will eventually be deprecated. It is highly recommended that all users migrate to the new Riemann output plugin.

New Socket Listener and Socket Writer plugins

Generic Socket Listener and Socket Writer plugins have been implemented for receiving and sending UDP, TCP, unix, & unix-datagram data. These plugins will replace udp_listener and tcp_listener, which are still available but will be deprecated eventually.

New Plugins

Input plugins

Output plugins

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