jQuery.isNumeric( value )Returns: Boolean

Description: Determines whether its argument represents a JavaScript number.

The $.isNumeric() method checks whether its argument represents a numeric value. If so, it returns true. Otherwise it returns false. The argument can be of any type.

As of jQuery 3.0 $.isNumeric() returns true only if the argument is of type number, or if it's of type string and it can be coerced into finite numbers. In all other cases, it returns false.


Sample return values of $.isNumeric with various inputs.

// true (numeric)
$.isNumeric( "-10" )
$.isNumeric( "0" )
$.isNumeric( 0xFF )
$.isNumeric( "0xFF" )
$.isNumeric( "8e5" )
$.isNumeric( "3.1415" )
$.isNumeric( +10 )
$.isNumeric( 0144 )
// false (non-numeric)
$.isNumeric( "-0x42" )
$.isNumeric( "7.2acdgs" )
$.isNumeric( "" )
$.isNumeric( {} )
$.isNumeric( NaN )
$.isNumeric( null )
$.isNumeric( true )
$.isNumeric( Infinity )
$.isNumeric( undefined )

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