jQuery.readyReturns: Thenable

Description: A Promise-like object (or "thenable") that resolves when the document is ready.

  • version added: 1.8jQuery.ready

As of jQuery 3.0, use of this object is supported via jQuery.when or the native Promise.resolve(). Code should not make assumptions about whether this object is a jQuery.Deferred, native Promise, or some other type of promise object.

See also ready(), which makes use of this.


Listen for document ready using jQuery.when.

$.when( $.ready ).then(function() {
  // Document is ready.

Typical usage involving another promise, using jQuery.when.

  $.getJSON( "ajax/test.json" ),
).done(function( data ) {
  // Document is ready.
  // Value of test.json is passed as `data`.

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