Platform and version requirements: JS (1.1), Native (1.1)
infix fun <T> Array<out T>.contentDeepEquals(
    other: Array<out T>
): Boolean
Platform and version requirements: JVM (1.1)
@JvmName("contentDeepEqualsInline") infix fun <T> Array<out T>.contentDeepEquals(
    other: Array<out T>
): Boolean

Returns true if the two specified arrays are deeply equal to one another, i.e. contain the same number of the same elements in the same order.

If two corresponding elements are nested arrays, they are also compared deeply. If any of arrays contains itself on any nesting level the behavior is undefined.

The elements of other types are compared for equality with the equals function. For floating point numbers it means that NaN is equal to itself and -0.0 is not equal to 0.0.

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