An ENet peer which data packets may be sent or received from. In most applications you'll manually keep track of connected peers.


Function Description
peer:disconnect Requests a disconnection from the peer.
peer:disconnect_now Force immediate disconnection from peer.
peer:disconnect_later Request a disconnection from peer, but only after all queued outgoing packets are sent.
peer:reset Forcefully disconnects peer. The peer is not notified of the disconnection.
peer:ping Send a ping request to peer, updates round_trip_time. This is called automatically at regular intervals.
peer:receive Attempts to dequeue an incoming packet for this peer.
peer:send Queues a packet to be sent to peer.
peer:throttle_configure Changes the probability at which unreliable packets should not be dropped.
peer:ping_interval Specifies the interval in milliseconds that pings are sent to the other end of the connection (defaults to 500).
peer:timeout Returns or sets the parameters when a timeout is detected.
peer:index Returns the index of the peer.
peer:state Returns the state of the peer.
peer:connect_id Returns the field ENetPeer::connectID that is assigned for each connection.
peer:round_trip_time Returns or sets the current round trip time (i.e. ping).
peer:last_round_trip_time Returns or sets the round trip time of the previous round trip time computation.

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