Scales the coordinate system in two dimensions.

By default the coordinate system in LÖVE corresponds to the display pixels in horizontal and vertical directions one-to-one, and the x-axis increases towards the right while the y-axis increases downwards. Scaling the coordinate system changes this relation.

After scaling by sx and sy, all coordinates are treated as if they were multiplied by sx and sy. Every result of a drawing operation is also correspondingly scaled, so scaling by (2, 2) for example would mean making everything twice as large in both x- and y-directions. Scaling by a negative value flips the coordinate system in the corresponding direction, which also means everything will be drawn flipped or upside down, or both. Scaling by zero is not a useful operation.

Scale and translate are not commutative operations, therefore, calling them in different orders will change the outcome.

Scaling lasts until love.draw() exits.



love.graphics.scale( sx, sy )


number sx
The scaling in the direction of the x-axis.
number sy (sx)
The scaling in the direction of the y-axis. If omitted, it defaults to same as parameter sx.




Draw two lines of text, one scaled and one normal. Uses love.graphics.push and love.graphics.pop to return to normal render scale.

function love.draw()
   love.graphics.scale(0.5, 0.5)   -- reduce everything by 50% in both X and Y coordinates
   love.graphics.print("Scaled text", 50, 50)
   love.graphics.print("Normal text", 50, 50)

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