Provides an interface to the user's keyboard.


love.keyboard.getKeyFromScancode Gets the key corresponding to the given hardware scancode. 0.9.2
love.keyboard.getKeyRepeat Returns the delay and interval of key repeating. 0.9.0
love.keyboard.getScancodeFromKey Gets the hardware scancode corresponding to the given key. 0.9.2
love.keyboard.hasKeyRepeat Gets whether key repeat is enabled. 0.9.0
love.keyboard.hasTextInput Gets whether text input events are enabled. 0.9.0
love.keyboard.isDown Checks whether a certain key is down.
love.keyboard.isScancodeDown Checks whether the specified Scancodes are pressed. 0.10.0
love.keyboard.setKeyRepeat Enables or disables key repeat for love.keypressed.
love.keyboard.setTextInput Enables or disables text input events. 0.9.0


KeyConstant All the keys you can press.
Scancode Keyboard scancodes. 0.9.2

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