Available since LÖVE 0.8.0
This function is not supported in earlier versions.

Sets the pixels to meter scale factor.

All coordinates in the physics module are divided by this number and converted to meters, and it creates a convenient way to draw the objects directly to the screen without the need for graphics transformations.

It is recommended to create shapes no larger than 10 times the scale. This is important because Box2D is tuned to work well with shape sizes from 0.1 to 10 meters. The default meter scale is 30.

love.physics.setMeter does not apply retroactively to created objects. Created objects retain their meter coordinates but the scale factor will affect their pixel coordinates.



love.physics.setMeter( scale )


number scale
The scale factor as an integer.




Note that the body's coordinates in meters remain unchanged

love.physics.setMeter(30) -- set 30 pixels/meter
body = love.physics.newBody(world, 300, 300, "dynamic") -- place the body at pixel coordinates (300,300) or in meter coordinates (10,10)
love.physics.setMeter(10) -- set 10 pixels/meter
body:getPosition() -- returns pixel coordinates (100,100)

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