Compiling MariaDB From Source

Title Description
MariaDB Source Code How to get the source code for MariaDB from GitHub.
Build Environment Setup for Linux Requirements and build environment setup for Linux.
Generic Build Instructions Instructions to help compile MariaDB from source.
Compiling MariaDB with Extra Modules/Options Articles on compiling MariaDB with extra modules and options
Creating the MariaDB Source Tarball How to create a source tar.gz file
Creating the MariaDB Binary Tarball How to generate binary tar.gz files
Build Environment Setup for Mac Setting up the build environment for Mac
Building MariaDB from a Source RPM How to build MariaDB from a source RPM (SRPM).
Building MariaDB on CentOS CentOS build requirements and steps.
Building MariaDB on Fedora Guide to building MariaDB from source code on Fedora Linux.
Building MariaDB on Debian Steps to compiling MariaDB on Debian Linux.
Building MariaDB on FreeBSD How to build MariaDB on FreeBSD.
Building MariaDB on Gentoo Steps to build MariaDB on Gentoo
Building MariaDB on Solaris and OpenSolaris Links and notes for building MariaDB on Solaris and OpenSolaris
Building MariaDB on Ubuntu Requirements and steps for building MariaDB on Ubuntu.
Building MariaDB on Windows Instructions for building MariaDB on Windows.
Installing MariaDB Server on macOS Using Homebrew Installing MariaDB on macOS via the Homebrew package manager, the "missing ...
Compiling with the InnoDB Plugin from Oracle Compiling MariaDB with the InnoDB plugin from Oracle.
Creating a Debian Repository Instructions for creating your own Debian repository
Building MariaDB From Source Using musl-based GNU/Linux Instructions on compiling MariaDB on musl-based operating systems (Alpine)
Compiling MariaDB for Debugging Passing -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug to cmake to compile with debug information.
Cross-compiling MariaDB To cross-compile with cmake you will need a toolchain file
MariaDB Source Configuration Options Options for configuring a MariaDB source distribution.
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