Data-at-Rest Encryption

MariaDB supports the use of data-at-rest encryption for tables and tablespaces from MariaDB 10.1. For a minor performance overhead of 3-5%, this makes it almost impossible for someone with access to the host system or who steals a hard drive to read the original data.

Title Description
Data-at-Rest Encryption Overview Having data encrypted will make it hard for someone to steal your data.
Why Encrypt MariaDB Data? When to use encryption for MariaDB data.
Key Management and Encryption Plugins MariaDB uses plugins to handle key management and encryption of data.
Encrypting Binary Logs Data-at-rest encryption for binary logs and relay logs.
Aria Encryption Configuration and use of data-at-rest encryption with the Aria storage engine.
InnoDB / XtraDB Encryption Articles on using data-at-rest encryption with the InnoDB and XtraDB storage engines.
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