MariaDB starting with 10.0.12

IS_IPV4() has been available since MariaDB 10.0.12.




If the expression is a valid IPv4 address, returns 1, otherwise returns 0.

IS_IPV4() is stricter than INET_ATON(), but as strict as INET6_ATON(), in determining the validity of an IPv4 address. This implies that if IS_IPV4 returns 1, the same expression will always return a non-NULL result when passed to INET_ATON(), but that the reverse may not apply.


SELECT IS_IPV4('1110.0.1.1');
| IS_IPV4('1110.0.1.1') |
|                     0 |

SELECT IS_IPV4('48f3::d432:1431:ba23:846f');
| IS_IPV4('48f3::d432:1431:ba23:846f') |
|                                    0 |
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