JPDB Admin for MariaDB

JPDB Admin for MariaDB is a tool for managing and developing with MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server. It allows one to visually create tables, views, triggers and other structures.

JPDB Admin for MariaDB, has free and trial versions and is available in seven languages​​: Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. It is also runs on Windows, Linux GTK2 or QT, with DEB and RPM packages and tar.gz binaries, as well as 32bits or 64bits.

Official website: http://jpdbadmin.com

Features include:

  • Multi-platform and multilingual​​.
  • Supports Unicode and character tables;
  • Assistant to create tables using a data grid view;
  • Create and edit the main database objects (views, triggers, functions and others);
  • Several dialogs for creating, editing and/or deleting fields, keys, foreign keys and others;
  • Dialog for managing users and permissions;
  • Data visualization, including BLOB (image) and MEMO fields;
  • Full SQL query executor and SQL scripts editor with syntax highlighting and code completion intelligent;
  • Generates scripts CREATE, DROP, SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE statements to the script editor or clipboard;
  • Reports of the SQL Scripts and of the query results, previews, and export the report to PDF, HTML, text and image;
  • Export SQL scripts to HTML with syntax highlighting;
  • Visual Query Builder (Visually create queries without knowing SQL);
  • Tools for monitoring servers MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server;
  • Export table data to SQL, TXT, CSV, XML, JSON and others;
  • Database Export Assistant (extraction of the data and/or metadata);
  • Import data from SQL files;
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