MariaDB ColumnStore

MariaDB ColumnStore is a columnar storage engine that utilizes a massively parallel distributed data architecture. It's a columnar storage system built by porting InfiniDB 4.6.7 to MariaDB 10.1 and 10.2. MariaDB ColumnStore, however, is released under the GPL license.

MariaDB ColumnStore is designed for big data scaling to process petabytes of data, linear scalability and exceptional performance with real-time response to analytical queries. It leverages the I/O benefits of columnar storage, compression, just-in-time projection, and horizontal and vertical partitioning to deliver tremendous performance when analyzing large data sets.

MariaDB has published several articles on ColumnStore. There is a Google Group for MariaDB ColumnStore that can be used to discuss ideas, issues and communicate with the community: Send email to [email protected] or use the forum interface. Bugs can be reported in MariaDB's Jira system. (see Reporting Bugs). Please file bugs under the MCOL project and include the output from the support utility if possible.

Title Description
About MariaDB ColumnStore About MariaDB ColumnStore
MariaDB ColumnStore Release Notes MariaDB ColumnStore Release Notes
ColumnStore Getting Started Quick summary of steps needed to install MariaDB ColumnStore
ColumnStore Upgrade Guides Documentation on upgrading from prior versions and InfiniDB migration.
ColumnStore Architecture MariaDB ColumnStore Architecture
Managing ColumnStore Managing MariaDB ColumnStore System Environment and Database
ColumnStore Data Ingestion How to load and manipulate data into MariaDB ColumnStore
ColumnStore SQL Structure and Commands SQL syntax supported by MariaDB ColumnStore
ColumnStore Performance Tuning Information relating to configuring and analyzing the ColumnStore system for optimal performance.
ColumnStore System Variables ColumnStore System Variables
ColumnStore Security Vulnerabilities Security vulnerabilities affecting MariaDB ColumnStore
ColumnStore Troubleshooting Articles on troubleshooting tips and techniques
Using MariaDB ColumnStore Provides details on using third party products and tools with MariaDB ColumnStore
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