mysql_pid is a utility for terminating processes. It runs on Unix-like systems, making use of the kill() system call.

From MariaDB 10.4.6, mariadb-waitpid is a symlink to mysql_waitpid.


mysql_waitpid [options] pid time


mysql_pid sends signal 0 to the process pid and waits up to time seconds for the process to terminate. pid and time must be positive integers.

Returns 0 if the process terminates in time, or does not exist, and 1 otherwise.

Signal 1 is used if the kill() system call cannot handle signal 0


Option Description
-?, --help Display help and exit
-I, --help Synonym for -?
-v, --verbose Be more verbose. Give a warning, if kill can't handle signal 0
-V, --version Print version information and exit
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